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I thought it would be pretty helpful if I put together some theme resources for my followers who are interested in starting to code. It’s a hard process to learn so its good to have a toolbox!

  • CodePenthe main site is full of lovely inspiration for web design, but the pen is a very helpful place to test out and build different elements of your code that you can insert into your theme without downloading a program like dreamweaver. Its separates the different codes into HTML, CSS, and Javascript so it doesn’t take much thought.
  • ColourLoversThis website is full of different color pallets that you can use on your theme, you can look them up by the color, or just the general theme you are looking for.
  • CodropsThis is a great place for inspiration and code help. It has a wide variety of tutorials to help you make your theme as unique as possible.
  • Base Code: This is the base code by theme maker farahmir that I usually use. Its hard to start from scratch when you’re just beginning so its very generous of talented theme makers to release codes to help people get a start. 
  • Codecademy: I’ve only just started to explore this website but it seems to be a good place to start when it comes to gaining your footing as a web designer. 
  • W3schoolsIf I have really basic curiosities about a bit of coding I usually end up over here. It isn’t overly complicated. Like I said, just for the basics. 

Happy coding!

Anonymous said:

is there a specific size the icon image has to be for your most recent theme?

Nope, it’ll rejust itself to 100x100, but I recommend that you use an image that has a same width and height length.


patterns | backgrounds #3

Para descargar: Da click derecho en la imagen que quieras usar, luego Guardar Como.

Anonymous said:

[Theme #6] How to put border post?

There’s the screen border option in the theme.

lar-ni submitted:

Help please with network badge

hi i’ve installed your theme 6 and i’m trying to put a network badge on my page but it’s not showing up. could you try putting the badge in my update tab? heres the link of blog:

Oh snap you gave me the whole theme code. o.o I think it’s best if you ask the person who made the updates tab for help.
Anonymous said:

i know some themes give you the faded picture option, but my theme doesnt give that option, so is there anything i could add to my html to get faded pictures?

I don’t know which theme you’re talking about. Usually I name the posts as .posts { so search for that and add this under it

.posts {


after that search for .posts:hover{ and add this

.posts:hover {


Anonymous said:

I really like ALL of your themes, but they all seem so dark. Will you ever make one that's simple, light, airy, and I don't know, bright?

My latest theme Say Hello #17 is similar to your description. You know it’s just the live preview that shows a dark theme right? There’s color options to change to your ”simple, light, airy, and bright” description.

Changing a one columned theme into a grid theme (WITH MASONRY)


I’ve seen tutorials on how to make a multi-columed theme, but it never really includes masonry or infinite scroll so I’m going to try fill that void!

Making a two-columned theme is really basic, it’s just when you edit other people’s themes where it becomes a little bit more complicated, because you have to find things. I’m going to be using my base code as an example theme and editing it to make it multi-columned.

Difficulty:  ★ ★ ☆ ☆ 
Requested By: anonymous
Note: This tutorial may not work on all themes, and if it doesn’t I highly recommend either finding a theme that has multiple columns already installed!

Next Tutorial: Moving things on-click with javascript. (Example)

Feel free to request a tutorial! 

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humanitysweebest submitted:

Hello, I love your blog and all of your themes by the way! :) Anyways, I’m using Theme #12 and I resized the sidebar image (170px) to what I wanted but I can’t seem to get the description and the links to meet the same size to make it all nice and centered. Well, mainly how to get them centered again and I’m especially struggling with the navigation links. Help is greatly appreciated, thank you for your time! 

Search for these id’s in the CSS section:

#desc { (description) and  #side #poo { (links) and adjust their widths so they’re centered.

Love your themes!

Thank very!! ( ˘ ³˘)♥

hiya! I'm currently using your theme #11 (Glimpse of Heaven) and i was wondering if the theme supports pages? Because I'm having quite the dilemma with that.

It does. Here’s a tutorial if you need help.

Anonymous said:

On Theme #17 ["Say Hello] I was wondering if you could link a tutorial on how to put music in the music player because on the live preview there was really nice music playing. I'm sorry if I cause you trouble. Thank you.

Here’s a tutorial on how to put songs into dropbox then into billy player and if you want the music on the corner like how it is on the live preview of Theme #17, click on my FAQ and there’s a mini tutorial that shows you how. c:

Anonymous said:

hi! I've been using Theme 14 (glitch) and I would like to know what is a side pattern and a background? Thank you! 。◕‿◕。

The side pattern is the pattern on the way left side. It isn’t really visible but if you look closely you’ll see hex patterns. And the background is just the background color of your theme. 

zaneius said:

Hi! I got a simple question! Where did you get the player in the Naruto theme?

You can get the billy player here. (: