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APR 21, 2014 Theme #17 Say Hello LP
APR 17, 2014 Askbox reopened!!
MAR 22, 2014 FAQ Page updated
MAR 08, 2014 Search box added
FEB 19, 2013 Theme #16 Fear the Flare LP
FEB 09, 2014 About Page #4 LP
JAN 27, 2014 FAQ Page created
Anonymous said:

To the anon who asked about the visitor counter script I think it doesn't normally show up on the preview window but when you save and exit it should be there where you placed it


Hey there~ ^^ Thank you for sharing your themes, they're absolutely lovely :) No worries if you're still on hiatus but I'm hoping to start using #11 on a side blog; I have one of those codes that tell you how many people have visited the blog that I put into the second description, but it doesn't seem to show up (even if I put it into the main description) Any idea how to fix this? ^^'

Thank you very much (: Do you have your links to a visible color? if not, I’m not really sure. 

Thank you <3

No problem! I can be really forgetful sometimes…

Hey, for your Theme "[THEME #17] say hello" where can I delete or enable the musicplayer?

Oh wait… I just remembered I forgot to delete the music. -facepalm- You can get the new updated code here. The theme doesn’t include a music player (I’ll let you know if it does.)

seoulzr said:

thannx love ! :"))

No problem! <3

Anonymous said:

do you have a one piece blog?

I used to lol but I don’t use it anymore. It’s multi fandom, but I usually reblogged One Piece, Naruto, and Gintama.

Anonymous said:

how long did it took you to learn how to make themes?

Well I had to learn the basics of HTML and CSS first. It took around maybe 3-4 months? and then learning how to make tumblr themes, I had to look for tutorials and understand how themes work so another 1-2 months I think. I made my first theme and it was pretty bad so I quit and then tried again a few months later.

akishiki said:

hey! what is the name of the song on your "say hello" theme? its beautiful :)
Anonymous said:

Hi there! You've been really helpful in the past when making changes to your themes (even though they're awesome already) so I thought I'd ask. I'm using Glimpse of Heaven, and I was just wondering if it's possible to move the tag boxes from under posts to above posts? I know you're very busy so if it's a long difficult task I'll work out how to do it on my own, I'm just wondering if it is possible to do on that theme. Thank you!

Yes it’s possible, but it’s requires quite some editting. :\ if you would like to do it search for these id and classes in the CSS section to edit them:

.perma {

.perma a{

.perma a:hover{




.tag a{

and search for this in the html section:


have fun and good luck!

Sorry to bother you (and if you are on hiatus still don't worry about answering this) but how do you add the picture on the side of Theme 6 / Wandering? You have that anime girl in the corner and I have something similar I want there.

Here’s a tutorial.

seoulzr said:

thank you so much love !!

Thank YOU! <3 I’m glad you like the theme, but I just remember that I forgot to add the text options for links and you can get the new code here. Sorry for the inconvenience.image

UPDATE: Theme #17 Say Hello

I just remembered that I forgot to add the text options for the links!! I added it in so you can get the new updated code here.

Hello! I used your first page ([Page #1]) for mine "about me" and i want to change the background. How can i put it? sorry, but i need help ;__;

In the CSS section, find:

body {


and delete background:#f9f9f9; and replace it with

background-image:url(‘IMAGE URL HERE’);

remember to include these ' ' between the link.

[Theme #17] Say Hello by 7th-district



** Please do not remove or move the credit anywhere. Do not take parts of the theme code and add it into your theme.

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I just realised the theme link leads to your main blog, sorry about that.

No problem C: