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JUL 07, 2014 Theme #12 code is updated
JUN 27, 2014 About Page #5: Gold LP
APR 25, 2014 New Resource page
APR 21, 2014 Theme #17 Say Hello LP
APR 17, 2014 Askbox reopened!!
MAR 22, 2014 FAQ Page updated
MAR 08, 2014 Search box added
Hiatus until the 26th

Hey guys, I’m going college visiting for the next few days so I won’t be answering any questions or reblogging anything. I won’t have my laptop with me and I don’t feel like going on my phone. I’ll be back bye guys!

kissabook said:

Your themes are amazing! I'm using theme 11, and I can't figure out how to add a description under the sidebar image. Thank you!

The description is under where you change your title


lyrmeii said:

hello! i am using ur lovely theme #17 [say hello] and i rly love it! however, i am wondering if there was any way to make the tags show up beneath each post without having to go the post page itself by clicking on the permalink (i navigate through my blog by clicking on tags and it would make it easier for me to just click on tags without having to click on the permalink first). do you know of a way to change this, and is it alright if i edit the theme for that?

Thank you :) Yes, it’s alright to edit the theme, but I don’t help with changes anymore that involve with altering the theme like adding tags sorry!

tian-ke said:

Hello! I'm using theme 13, Gasmask, right now and I'd like to change my post background to black instead of white, but I can't seem to? :x

I fixed the code so you can now change the background posts to black get the new updated code here. The color changes you made on the theme won’t be changed other than the color option for the posts background being fixed.

//I have a doubt about Page 5 Gold. Is the music player already coded in or do I have to get one myself? Since I can't seem to find it.

Nope it’s not in the code. You can get the billy player here. Just paste the code in your info box.

brovix said:

Sorry to bother you, but I'm having a bit of a problem with your theme Endless. And that has to do with the page buttons.... in which I mean they won't show. I haven't messed with the code besides colors, the links, and changing out the pictures, so I don't understand what could be wrong... if you could help, that would be very appreciated!

Disable the infinite scroll option to have pagination.

Anonymous said:

Hi! I'm using the theme "Glimpse of Heaven". Can you tell me if it's possible to make it a 3-column theme?

It’s possible… but there will be a lot of adjusting for the header size, links, and sidebars.

xstilettos said:

Yoü say no moving credit to pages or hiding it, but what if it is moved to my description as a /number/ link, with a hover saying "theme" or "codes"? [example "01." and then "theme" on hover] Or would that equal hiding it?

Nope that’s fine! And daaang the way you editted the theme looks really nice.

For your latest page (GOLD), how big is the image on the side (so I can make my own image there)

The width is 250px and the height automatically adjusts to the width of your image.



UPDATE TAB #2 by mandrakescry

How to install

  1. Paste this code between <style> and </style>
  2. Paste this code between <body> and </body>


  • Please LIKE/REBLOG if you use this. (or if you like it)
  • Any questions can be asked here

Hey, I'm using your theme glimpse of heaven and I really love it, but one problem I'm having is I have it set to infinite scroll and it works fine but if I click one of my links on the side bar to go to a different page on my tumblr, it only shows 10 posts and doesn't infinite scroll and I have no clue why it's doing that. Is there any way to fix it so the other pages on my tumblr have infinite scroll too?

Hm that’s weird. I tested it on the live preview and it works fine for me. Try repasting the code. 

Anonymous said:

Hello there! Since you know a lot about coding and making perfect themes and such, I was wondering if you had any idea of how to edit your theme and your mobile theme different? An example is jia-z blog. Thank you! xx

Haha no.. I’m still in the process of learning. And which theme are you talking about? The one on jia-z isn’t my theme. :O


compiled by salazhar

Please like/re-blog this post if you find it useful. This post will be updated every time I find a new base code so save this post!
If you are a theme maker and your base code is in this and you wish for me to take it down, just contact me and I’ll gladly do so.

Total Base Codes: 49
Last Updated: July 7, 2014

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Thank you for being here. I like your themes, especially Glimpse of Heaven. It's great for people who intend to roleplay or run ask blogs. <3 I couldn't find anything better anywhere else. Thanks so much.

I’m very glad you like them thank you! (◕‿◕✿)